Transmission Applications

Products for toughest requirements

KE Elektronik produces wire harnesses for actuating mechanism in different high performance double clutch transmissions. They are delivered by different system manufacturers to almost all well-known European premium vehicle manufacturers. The most important requirement: 100% tightness when the transmission oil has reached its highest temperature.

Exhaust-Gas Sensors

Wire harnesses for sensor currents

Special contact materials and housing materials withstand high exhaust-gas temperatures. By developing our own systems we achieve low and steady contact resistances, which are needed for the transmission of sensor currents between sensor and control unit. We can ensure a steady high quality, because our highly automated production possesses a 100% process integrated monitoring.

Sensor Wire Harnesses

Wire harnesses for Lambda sensor

KE Elektronik manufactures wire harness for sensor technologies used in measuring the remaining exhaust-gas oxygen. The measured value is transmitted to the engine control unit. As a result the parameter for the fuel combustion can be adjusted depending on the Lambda value. Depending on the location of installation (exhaust-gas system on the vehicle floor) our wire harnesses have to fulfill, besides electronic requirements (contact resistances), different mechanical requirements and withstand high operating temperatures.


Wire harnesses for the aviation industry

KE Elektronik delivers to all major aircraft manufacturers – by using interconnect systems of the Amphenol Corporation – different wire harnesses for interiors.