Edge Connector

Connection technology for circuit boards

KE Elektronik manufactures application-specific edge connectors in many versions, according to customer needs. (straight, angled, board to wire, board to board, solder version or press-in technology).

Connector Modules

Connector modules for actuators / sensors

Multiple connections for actuators and sensors via one single plugging step. Additional product features are, tolerance compensation of the single contacts, protection against short circuits by chip protection, integrated signal distributing and additional features like for example temperature monitoring.

Hybrid-Electric Short Circuit Connector

Safety during maintenance

The short connector blocks the power supply during maintenance or repair works. When disassembling the housing cover, the plug-in system is also disconnected and the power supply is switch off.

Plug Connector

Plug connector thermostat

The 2 pole flat plug with preformed contact socket is used to connect the heating elements.

2K Leadframe

Connecting piece from the connecting cable to the fan motor electric.

The 2K Leadframe has a welding connection and is located between the connecting cable and the fan electronics. The product is electrically insulated by injection-molding. The housing seal is molded with a soft component.