KE Elektronik operates with its automotive products mainly in the following areas:

  • Emission reduction (NOx, COx, soot particles and particular matter)
  • Fuel reduction (start-stop automatic, 9 speed automatic transmission, Hybrid)
  • Comfort (camera systems, door opening system, automatic parking system)
  • Safety (lane-change assistant, distance warning system)

The majority of our new products are designed and developed at our location in Kressberg-Marktlustenau, Germany. As well all the necessary machineries, tools and systems for serial production are developed here. After completion we decide according to the location of our customer, in which KE plant (Europe, Asia or America) the product will be produced.


KE Elektronik operates with its aviation products mainly in the following areas:

  • Interior (interior lighting )
  • Comfort (sun blinds, seat adjustment)
  • Safety (emergency power supply)
  • Infotainment (interior acoustics)

KE Elektronik delivers, via their German system-suppliers, to the largest American and European aircraft manufacturers.