360° camera system

High frequency connection technology for camera systems

High frequency technology is needed to transmit high data transmission rates. These transmission rates are required to broadcast real time pictures of the surroundings of the vehicle to the screen of the Infotainment systems. Camera  housing systems with integrated high frequency suitable connectors (plug and PigTail) are installed at the rear, at the vehicle front and inside the outside mirrors. The PigTail version allows us to use especially narrow bending radiuses for the installation. The feature of the plug version: it has a very compact installation situation. All versions fulfill the tightness requirements IP6K9K (water pressure tight). We do provide for specific components (camera systems and navigation systems) application-specific space-optimized solutions.

High Frequency 90°- Plug Overmolded

Sealed angle coupler suitable for HSD & FAKRA

KE Elektronik offers water tight (IP6K9K) and overmolded angle coupler for HSD and FAKRA. Their advantage, in comparison with assembled versions, is a considerably more compact design.