High voltage connection wires

High Voltage wires with injection-molded or assembled plug housing.

Electric engines or ancillary units need electric power. In the times of E-Mobility a more and more important topic. From an economical point of view it is only possible to achieve this by increasing the voltage of the vehicle electric system (up to 400 volt). Our products are created, considering existing challenges like contact protection, EMC or tracking current.

Manufacturing connection wires KE Elektronik uses all the current high voltage plug-in systems in the usual cable cross sections.

On-Board Voltage Management

Connection system for energy storage

KE Elektronik delivers connection technology for the integration of capacitive energy storage (high-performance condensers) for the on-board power system. Challenges are: the vehicle-specific installation situation, requirements for tightness in accordance with IP6K9K and the protection of the system against thermal overload and overvoltage.

Battery Connecting Cable

Connecting cable for intelligent battery terminals

Due to new requirements for the construction of contact crimps, KE Elektronik decided to develop a new high-current contact crimp with a welding connection. In combination with our customer´s sensor the complete system takes over the battery management of vehicles with a start-stop system. Voltage, temperature, charge condition and remaining battery power are constantly monitored.