Automated assembly

Inside one machine, connecting cables are processed (sealing, crimping, cutting to length) and assembled with a preassembled plug board module.

Fully Automatic Assembly

KE Elektronik possesses a wide range of processing facilities which are used in the fully automatic cable assembly. We cut, insulate, seal, crimp (also MIL) and block load fully automatically as well as we integrated cable ends processing (compacting and tinning). We are able to insure a continuously high quality by constantly monitoring the crimp force. The fully automatic machine uses 24 linked stations.

Besides the basic cable processing (cutting, insulating, crimping), capacitors and housings are automatically assembled, too.

All parts are checked automatically (electrical and via a vision system) and faulty parts are selected and removed automatically. The advantage of the system is that there is absolutely no operator interference.

High Speed Data Production

The production system processes double shielded high speed data lines. All production steps are interlinked and monitored via a sensor.

Thereby we achieve the highest repeatability. The technically required cables are manufactured with high process reliability, with a cross section of 0.14 mm².

Additionally we check each component of its proper function and faulty parts are removed immediately. By doing this we fulfill the highest quality requirements of our customers.